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St Andrews Ghost Tours - Chinese Students 2016

St Andrews Ghost Tours - Chinese Students 2016

St Andrews Ghost Tours - Chinese Students 2015

Staff from the family run St Andrews bakers Fisher and Donaldson enjoying a Halloween tour 2015

Despite the showers we had a great turn out for the tour and plenty of smiling faces.
All of us also saw and photographed a ghost in St Rules Tower!

A tour party in the haunted hidden garden at the end of the tour

The end of a great ghost tour with a party from the USA and the UK

A family across from Boston, USA.
One of the family is standing on the spot where Patrick Hamilton was burnt at the stake in 1528.
If a student inadvertently stands here it is said they will fail their exams.
I was also joined on this tour by Fergus (far right) who runs history tours
of the town on a Monday and Tuesday.

A ghost has started making its appearance
on the 7pm tour in a window of St Rules Tower!
Visit the Ghost Tour sightings page for more details and photo's!

A tour party from France on the 9pm tour

A party from Glasgow, Montrose and South Africa at the entranceway to the haunted Pends Walk.

Family from the USA after the tour with 2 signed copies of Richard's book

Two families from Scotland standing where the apparition of a monk has been seen over the years.
It was great to see Robert on the tour (second from right). He is one of the librarians at the town library
and has gratefully assisted me when conducting research there.

Golfers wives from Atlanta, Georgia, standing in front of the entrance to Queen Mary's House in South Street.
This is the most haunted house in St Andrews with a great many ghosts within its walls and grounds.

A family from Colorado enjoying the tour.
They are standing in front of the infamous 'Haunted Tower' in the Cathedral wall.

A tour party standing in front of St Johns Garden.
A hidden garden in the centre of St Andrews where the ghost of a monk also stands!
Last seen in December 2014 in the gardens by a few students at 2am.

That was a great evening. It was also the anniversary of Cardinal David Beaton's Murder at the Castle
but on this occasion he didn't make an appearance at his chamber window.

A wonderful couple from Sparks, Nevada, USA, that I had pleasure meeting the evening before the tour.
They were going to go to Edinburgh for the day but decided to hang out in St Andrews
as they really wanted to go on the tour.
They are pictured with 2 lassies from Glasgow and 1 from Russia in the hidden garden

University students and a university history lecturer on the haunted stretch of the Scores

A family from Scotland were joined by Shirley & Michael this evening from the Original St Andrews Witches Tour.
A really enjoyable evening despite the rain at the start.

Two Visit Scotland staff members and a family from Toledo, Ohio enjoying the tour in the haunted Cathedral grounds.

One of the tour party daring to stand in the narrow entranceway to the Pends!
Locally this archway is known as the 'Eye of the Needle' and is where the ghost of a monk
appeared in a photograph standing behind two girls many years ago.

A party enjoying the tour with Alison from Historic Scotland St Andrews (far left)
and Karen from Scotia Heritage, Dundee (second from left)

Three golfers from Cincinnati, Washington in front of the Principal's House on the Scores.

All who visit this beautiful victorian mansion wish it was there own residence even though it is haunted. In 1980 the house was disturbed
by the sound of bagpipes being played. The disturbances were so extreme that the Principal and his family of the time
had to be rehoused by the university.

Situated on the shore below the house is the Piper's cave, famed for 'Piper Jock' who disappeared
in the cave whilst playing his pipes. It is said the sound of his pipes can be heard under the ground in certain quarters of the town.
The crouching figiure of his wife has also been seen by the cave entrance mourning for the loss of her husband.

A lovely party from New Jersey fascinated by the 12th century Templar building in South Street
which predates the Cathedral by over 200 years

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