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"St Andrews is not only the home of golf, it is also the home of ghosts!"
Richard Falconer


Factual/Historical/Local Interest

266 pages

The most famous and prolific ghost in St Andrews is the ‘White Lady’. Anyone familiar with the town is more than likely aware of her, but how much does anyone really know about her?

Following research spanning five decades, this is the most comprehensive investigation there has been into a fascinating St Andrews mystery involving a ghost and a chamber of corpses that sparked a wave of national correspondence.

All the articles, interviews and letters published between 1860 and 1925 have been brought together here for the first time, alongside many previously unpublished reports of sightings and associated experiences of the White Lady. Collectively, what they reveal is far more intriguing and complex than any have realised.

Welcome to a St Andrews Mystery.

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Ghosts of St Andrews
by Richard Falconer

354 pages

A local best seller

Parts of the book Ghosts of St Andrews were serialized
for the local paper the St Andrews Citizen

This is the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of the paranormal in St Andrews.

Research for the book began in 1987 with letters to local papers, the Scots magazine and many months of library research. Over the years Richard has received a great deal of correspondence from across the globe from those who have experienced aspects of the paranormal in St Andrews and Fife.

Published for the first time, Ghosts of St Andrews includes many previously unpublished firsthand accounts alongside a wealth of local history and some forgotten, almost lost history...


Ghosts of St Andrews  

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Ghosts of St Andrews

W. T. Linskill's 1911 Classic
St Andrews Ghost Stories
Annotated & cross-referenced
with subsequent accounts

Fully illustrated

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Reference Map of Central St Andrews Haunted Locations

This is the most comprehensive collection of St Andrews Ghosts ever assembled...!


Insert from the Courier. Book signing at Barnardo's Books in St. Andrews
Photo by Douglas Nicolson. Copyright of D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. Courtesy of The Courier

Waterstone's St Andrews booksigning


Barnardo's Books, Bell Street, St Andrews, window display of the books



Before giving an excerpt from the St Andrews book I would like firstly to relate something interesting about 3 illustrations in the book...
29 years ago I made three drawings of locations in St Andrews, these were the only drawings I had done of the town. When I was taking photo's for the books at the end of September 2013 there were three locations in St Andrews I wanted to put into the book which I couldn't take satisfactory photo's of. The entrance way of St Andrews Castle was covered in scafolding, the front of the haunted tower had been cordoned off with barriers and the gates to St. Mary's Quad in South Street were locked, preventing me from entering. I put the photo's I had taken of the town into the book and had an idea to also put the three drawings I had done all those years ago into the book also. I then realised these were the same three locations I was unable to take photo's of - St Andrews Castle, the haunted tower and St. Mary's Quad.

Excerpt from Ghosts of St Andrews

The 'Trixie Spirit!'
Just around the corner from Hamilton Grand along the Scores, and a few doors along from the Scores Hotel, a beautifully furnished house overlooking the Bow Butts and the North Sea had been the residence of an elderly American woman. She was on vacation in St. Andrews for a few months in 1988 after her husband passed away.          

Whilst here she began to notice some strange things beginning to happen, some of her personal effects would disappear and reappear days later from the living room, bathroom and her bedroom. The disturbances were slight and not at all obvious at first. She became increasingly aware of a strong presence in the living room in the mornings, just as she was relaxing over breakfast, an intense sense of something watching her.
    I met her one evening in the Scores Hotel just before she was due to fly back to the States. “The rooms can become very cold, very quickly” she said “and when this happens, I know something is about to happen.” She continued, “when I became used to it I would mentally try and remember what I had lying around so I would know what might have disappeared.”
    She was a strong headed and light hearted society woman from Dallas, and just took the incidences in her stride. She actually felt herself lucky and jovially said “a trip to your beautiful country wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t experience something!” Although she did joke about her “trixie spirit” as she called it, she got wise to its antics and with a slightly more serious tone to her voice, accompanied however still with a smile as if to reassure my concerns, she continued “It’s a little difficult to be too fond of it though, my ‘trixie spirit’, disposables are one thing, my keys and cards, now I keep those very close by.” 

There is talk of poltergeist activity at a house in Gillespie Wynd with things disappearing and moving around. In all probability this is the place, it is in the right location and the activity sounds very similar. I have kept the exact house location quiet as the present occupants don’t wish to be disturbed by potential ‘ghost hunters’, but the spontaneous areas of cold are still present at times – even when the sun is shining through the large windows in the morning.




Ghosts of Fife
by Richard Falconer

271 pages


Excerpt from Ghosts of Fife

The Grey Woman of the Church House of Pittenweem
Now living in California Mrs Cawley whom we met earlier concerning the secret room of Cameron House also gave me this account of when she and her family stayed in Pittenweem, residing in an old Episcopalian Church House.   

“The church house in Pittenweem,” she said “had a very gentle feel about it. I became aware of it being haunted by a benevolent woman who created a deep feeling of peace; a very gentle presence like that of a caring and concerned motherly figure. Sometimes I caught glimpses of her flitting around the house. She was a kindly old woman with golden hair and wearing a grey dress.” The identity of this mysterious woman became clear when a very pleasant elderly gentleman visited them one day. On introducing himself he told them he had lived within the house for many years. After chatting about Pittenweem and the East Neuk she asked him if anyone had died within the place. In answer it was found that his wife had died a few years earlier within the house. The story ran that their son took ill and had seen doctors about his condition, but had been wrongly diagnosed, what he had was Appendicitis and because it hadn’t been discovered he died of Peritonitis. They were both very upset on his passing but it was his wife that never quite recovered from the experience and died finally herself of grief and despair. This was the kindly old woman that she had seen for brief moments flitting around the house.




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