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The Vic International

St Andrews Ghost Tours
earn about the fascinating history of St Andrews alongside the many ghostly residents.
St Andrews has more than 400 known apparitions and well over 200 haunted locations.
This is why St Andews is not only the home of Golf, it is also the home of

Tours have been inspired by the comprehensive books 'Ghosts of St Andrews' (354 pages) and 'A St Andrews Mystery' (266 pages) by Richard Falconer following research spanning 5 decades. They include firsthand accounts from many across the globe who have spent some 'incidental' time in the company of the Ghosts of St Andrews.

Tours also include many currently unpublished firsthand accounts, together with a great deal of history of the town and some rediscovered chilling forgotten history!

There are no 'jumper ooters' on these tours as this is the job of the real ghosts!

Unlike other ghost tours around the globe St Andrews Ghost Tours have been created to be more informative and educational than scary..... or have they?

The tours have certainly been designed to put you in the right places around St Andrews where its vivid past occasionally merges with our present. With this, if it does become a little scary it may be because you are experiencing something, perhaps by seeing, hearing, feeling or sensing something that we know is there but something we didn't formerly arrange.

Everything you will hear in the tour is still taking place including the famed White Lady lurking in a place dreaded in the dark. She is the most famous ghost in St Andrews and timelessly appears to those daring to approach her lair at the 'Haunted Tower' within the 'Chamber of Corpses' as it was known to the Victorians.

Next to the White Lady, the most reported ghost in St Andrews is the monk of St Rules Tower. He has been encountered many times over the years and has been spontaneously photographed on 6 different occasions by those on these tours with their camera phones, myself included. It was first spotted by a woman on a tour from Austria. There is no floor where the figure in the right hand window is standing, and when it was taken the tower was closed.

So it is possible to experience the real ghosts of the town and many unaccountable things have happened to people on the tours, but they are rare to encounter, and with this there can be no guarantees. By there very nature they are notoriously elusive and they always appear when least expected, so they will always take you by surprise!

There are so many in St Andrews it is certainly the place to find them. For its size nowhere else compares.

So maybe now it is your time to encounter one of the most unique, scarry, elusive and misunderstood enigmas our reality has ever known, and with this I look forward to welcoming you on a tour.

Richard Falconer


Gathering point
In front of The Doll's House Restaurant
Church Square

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